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18.06.2024, 06:29

Next stage of Internal Security Agency exercises on extremist drone exploitation

On 28 September this year. TPCoE together with the Internal Security Agency's Forensic Research Bureau and experts from the Military Institute of Armament Technology, organised another exercise on malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) at the training ground in Zielonka near Warsaw.

The event was a continuation of exercises designed to test the vulnerability of public space and public infrastructure facilities to drone attacks. It examined how commercial drones can be adapted to carry dangerous devices and substances, and the threat they can pose to facilities without adequate detection and neutralisation measures.

The exercises were part of Internal Security Agency's 2021 activities, which include exercises and vulnerability tests on the threat of extremist use of improvised explosive devices and CBRN agents.

You can read about the previous event in this series at:

Internal Security Agency exercises on extremist drone exploitation

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