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Presentation by Internal Security Agency during the anti-terrorism conference in Katowice

On 27.09.2022, during the symposium entitled: "Faces of Terrorism, Instruments - Methods - Counteraction", which was organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia in Katowice, a representative of the Centre for Terrorist Prevention gave a presentation on the role of TPCoE in counter-terrorism.

In this context, the main directions of the Centre's activities at national, EU and international levels were discussed. Products and tools were presented, as well as awareness-raising initiatives carried out by the unit's experts to raise counter-terrorism awareness and build the state's resilience against threats and challenges adverse to national security.

During the event, attention was drawn to the importance of the multi-stakeholder approach to terrorism (the whole of government and whole of society approach), as well as the tests of the resilience of public space and critical infrastructure carried out with the participation of Internal Security Agency, the results of which are the basis for further analyses related to the improvement of the anti-terrorist system operating in the Republic of Poland.

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