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Internal Security Agency exercises on extremist drone exploitation

On 26-28 July this year TPCoE, together with the Forensic Research Bureau of Internal Security Agency and experts from the Military Institute of Armament Technology, organised exercises on the training ground in Zielonka near Warsaw on the malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The aim was to assess the vulnerability of public spaces and critical infrastructure to unmanned aerial vehicles attacks, and to increase the country's resilience to related threats.

The exercise demonstrated how best to counter drones adapted to transport explosives that have been crafted with materials available in normal domestic environments to carry out a terrorist attack.

At the same time, the Internal Security Agency's capabilities to effectively identify and neutralise unmanned aerial vehicles used by hostile state and non-state actors were confirmed and verified.

The exercises reflect a best practice approach to terrorism, according to which countering attacks and acts of violence is the result of multi-actor interaction between security structures, defence, scientific research centres and authorities of the state's counter-terrorism system (the-whole-of-the government-approach). The above is also a continuation of a series of previous activities undertaken by Internal Security Agency since 2021 to counter the threat of extremist use of improvised explosive devices and CBRN substances.

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