Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence

2021-08-04, 05:24

UN CTED gives a positive opinion on the degree of Poland’s anti-terrorism Security Council resolutions implementation

On December 9-13 2019, the UN Commission of Combating Terrorism / Executive Directorate of the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTED) examined the Polish legislation system adjustment to the requirements related to the resolutions of the Security Council on combating terrorism. For this purpose, CTED held meetings with central and supreme public authorities, and consulted with experts from the anti-terrorist system of the Republic of Poland, including representatives of the Internal Security Agency’s Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence.

As in the case of evaluation visits in other Member States, UN was interested in a wide range of issues, i.e.: the implementation of Poland’s legislation on terrorist offenses, regulations and measures to combat terrorist financing, practices in security and law enforcement efforts to secure Poland’s borders and efforts to counter terrorist incitement, recruitment to terrorist groups and the growth of the violence extremism.

As a result, the government of the Republic of Poland briefed the UE CTC about the outcomes after the UN Committee’s assessing visit. As an effect, Poland became the fourth Member State meeting the recommendations formulated by the UN CTED.

More information at: https://www.gov.pl/web/diplomacy/meeting-with-representatives-of-un-counter-terrorism-committee 

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