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New anti-terrorist draft legislation in France

After a series of terrorist acts in France last year and the recent attack on a policewoman in April  this year, the French government announced recently tougher laws in the fight against terrorism. The new regulations are intended to make it easier for the services to more effectively conduct searches of the premises and to infiltrate extremist activity on internet portals.

Thanks to this, security structures will obtain online tools for tracking extremist activity, which in the long term will facilitate the detection of "digital traces" of their activities that threaten the security of the state.

The extension of the powers of the CT-authorities is a consequence of the observed practice, in which extremists are increasingly withdrawing from telephone communication in favor of a wider use of Internet connections, including instant messaging and Internet portals, whose high level of encryption constitutes  a challenge from the investigative perspective.

The draft law also provides for the possibility of restricting the freedom of movement of persons convicted of terrorism for two years after they have served their sentence.

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