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Participation of TPCoE in exercises organised by Exatel

In June 2022, officers of TPCoE, in cooperation with the State Fire Service, took part in exercises at the premises of EXATEL S.A. in the field of responding to CBRN threats. The scenario of the undertaking allowed to check the procedures of the crisis management system of the employees of the indicated entity to the threat of a possible contamination factor and to get acquainted with the methodology of action of the State Fire Service in the described scope.

In June this year, officers of TPCoE, as observers, took part in exercises aimed at checking the procedures of the crisis management system of EXATEL S.A. in the event of a terrorist event with the use of a contamination agent (CBRN threat). The scenario involved the delivery to the company's headquarters of a dangerous parcel in which, after being opened by a person from the security department, a so-called unknown substance was revealed. After the implementation of evacuation actions for the employees of the facility, the Chemical Rescue Group of the Rescue and Firefighting Unit No. 6 from Warsaw was directed to the place, whose task was to identify the hazardous substance and undertake - in accordance with response procedures - decontamination actions, both of the place where the consignment was revealed and of persons who had direct contact with it. The exercises proceeded in accordance with the assumed scenario. After its completion, a summary was made.

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