Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence

12.07.2024, 22:11

CPT ABW training for PKP Intercity

Within its mission on building a stronger security culture, on 27 September 2021, the TPCoE conducted the anti-terrorist training for the management staff of the PKP Intercity enterprise.

Experts from the Centre presented the current threat level for Poland's security from terrorism and extremism . The training also underscored the constant risk related to terrorism as a global phenomenon and the need for consistent harmonization of emergency and security procedures in the field of terrorism prevention at the national and international level.

While discussing the recommended course of action during a terrorist incident, including perpetrators using firearms or improvised explosives, attention was also paid to the importance of cooperation between the public and private sector when it comes to effective identification and neutralization of threats to public transport as an essential part of the national critical infrastructure.

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