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100 000 users of the e-learning portal

More than 100,000 people from 149 institutions are already using the e-learning portal of TPCoE - an instrument of online education that raises counter-terrorism awareness and the resilience of the state and citizens to related threats.

In January 2023, the number of users of the e-learning portal run by TPCoE exceeded 100,000, including representatives of state services and institutions, judicial bodies, Critical Infrastructure Operators, State Treasury companies, educational institutions and private entities.

In the context of current events in Ukraine and challenges related to the security of the Republic of Poland, it is particularly important to continuously raise the level of awareness and competence of all citizens, especially employees of key institutions in the defence and security sector of the country. Since 2021, TPCoE has been providing training on terrorist prevention in stationary form and online - via an e-learning portal, available at:

More information on the e-learning portal and how to access the course can be found at:,CPT-ABW-otwiera-portal-e-learningowy.html

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