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Due to the difficult situation in Afghanistan, the BfV warns of threats to Germany

Head of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) Thomas Haldenwang drew attention to the potential security threat posed by Islamists in Germany.

At the end of August 2021, the US troops finished their operations in Afghanistan, the authorities and the country's territory were taken over by the Taliban, who are gradually introducing changes that affect the instability in the region. Verification of links with extremist / terrorist movements of evacuated persons who are rapidly applying for asylum in European countries seems to be very difficult.

The head of the BfV Thomas Haldenwang, in an interview with the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, expressed concerns about the possibility of using the above-mentioned practice and the Taliban victory to spread a "propaganda offensive" and stated that "in some parts of the Islamist and jihadist scenes in Germany there was joy and positive reactions to the Taliban seizure of power. " Such a scenario may lead to the activation of, among others, the so-called "Lone wolves" as well as people displaying radical attitudes.

In the interview, the man also stressed that 2,000 Islamists from Islamic State (IS), currently in his country, could pose a serious threat.

As Haldenwag notes, IS terrorists may intensify activities aimed at reorganizing their structures in Europe, and thus the risk of terrorist attacks planned in Germany or Europe may increase.

The above-mentioned remarks of the Head of the BfV refer to the whole of Europe, if the situation related to the expansion of IS and the movement of people from the territories covered by hostilities is not stabilized, it may pose a new threat to the continent. International institutions plan to do their best to ensure that "the Taliban regime ceases all ties with terrorism and that Afghanistan does not become  once again a sanctuary for terrorists and organised crime groups."

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