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The first anniversary of the TP CoE

1st April 2019 saw the 1st anniversary of the Terrorism Preventrion Centre of Excellence. During the event, which was attended by the Head of ABW professor Piotr Pogonowski and Deputy Head of ABW col. Bernard Bogusławski, the effects of Centre's activity were presented. 

The event was also attended by the management of the following central and local governmental institutions:

  • Director of the Government Centre for Security - Marek Kubiak
  • Head of the Office for Foreigners - Rafał Rogala
  • Deputy Director General of the Prison Service - Grzegorz Federowicz
  • Collegium Civitas - Grzegorz Cieślak
  • Safety Project - Jarosław Stelmach
  • Director of Security and Defense Matters of the Prison Service - Zbigniew Gospodarowicz
  • Director General of the Office for Foreigners - Arkadiusz Szymański
  • Kujawsko-Pomorski Voivode - Mikołaj Bogdanowicz
  • Łódzki Deputy Voivide - Karol Młynarczyk
  • Mazowiecki Voivode - Zdzisław Sipiera
  • Podkarpacki Deputy Voivode - Lucyna Podhalicz
  • Podlaski Voivode - Bohdan Paszkowski
  • Pomorski Voivode - Dariusz Drelich
  • Śląski Voivode - Jarosław Wieczorek
  • Wielkopolski Voivode - Zbigniew Hoffmann
  • Director General of Dolnośląski Voivodeship Office - Mirosław Ziajka
  • Director General of Lubelski Voivodeship Office - Agata Grula
  • Director General of Małopolski Voivodeship Office - Szymon Strzelichowski
  • Director General of Mazowiecki Voivodeship Office -  Jarosław Szajner
  • Director General of Opolski Voivodeship Office - Izabela Bryja
  • Director General of Śląski Voivodeship Office - Adam Ostalecki
  • Director General of Świętokrzyski Voivodeship Office - Paweł Lubieniecki
  • Director General of Warmińsko - Mazurski Voivodeship Office - Paweł Żukowski
  • Director General of Zachodniopomorski Voivodeship Office - Anna Kołek
  • Director of Security and Crisis Management of Lubuski Voivodeship Office - Krzysztof Kołcz

The anniversary was a perfect opportunity to present the Recommendations with regard to CT prevention in public administration buildings, which are the guidelines of the Head of ABW in this regard. 

The knowledge and guidelines collected by the TP CoE during 9 national meetings with representatives from various governmental institutions were used for the initial identification of the state of security and potential loopholes in the protection system of institutions. Then, the abovementioned recommendations were drafted. 

During the event, a CT Awareness Questionnaire was collectively filled in by the attendees. It forms a further element in the strategy of building a bridge between state institutions and the society. 

Acknowledging the input of cooperating governmental institutions, experts and academia, the TP CoE would like to thank for their trust and involvement in shaping the security culture of Poland.

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