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IX National meeting - Warsaw

On 27-28 March 2019, the Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence organized a 9th two-day meeting with public administration.

Participants in the abovementioned meeting included guests from Prison Services, War Studies University and 14 voivodeships. The topic of the meeting aimed to discuss issues characteristics of threats related to terrorist attack and presentation of medical security in the event of a terrorist threat in public administration facilities.

On the first day of the training the discussion concerned:

  • Characteristics and direct effects of a terrorist attack (active shooter and incidents involving a knife attack);
  • Rules of medical security and elements of medical treatment in combat conditions.

On the second day of the meeting, the following issues were presented:

  • Threats related to an armed perpetrator (modus operandi, types of used weapons, proposed ways of reacting);
  • Resuscitation rules in conditions where professional medical treatment is not possible.
  • Importance of risk assessment and preparation activities in public administration;

Invited guests from:

  • Lubelski Voivodeship Office;
  • Warminsko-Mazurski Voivodeship Office;
  • Pomorski Voivodeship Office;
  • Podlaski Voivodeship Office;
  • Slaski Voivodeship Office;
  • Swietokrzyski Voivodeship Office;
  • Zachodniopomorski Voivodeship Office;
  • Wielkopolski Voivodeship Office;
  • Malopolski Voivodeship Office;
  • Lubuski Voivodeship Office;
  • Podkarpacki Voivodeship Office;
  • Opolski Voivodeship Office;
  • Kujawsko-Pomorski Voivodeship Office;
  • Dolnoslaski Voivodeship Office;
  • War Studies University
  • Prison Services

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