Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence

12.07.2024, 23:43

Conference on the malicious use of drones

On 15 December 2022, a conference summarising an exercise on the malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for terrorist purposes was held

The event was conducted in cooperation between TPCoE organisational units and external defence partners. The aim of the event was to summarise the exercises and to initiate, on this occasion, a long-term process of exchanging information with the invited institutions on the most optimal ways of dealing with the threat that can be posed by drones used by terrorists in attacks on critical infrastructure and public space.

In their presentations, the speakers devoted much attention to discussing the assessment of the level of vulnerability of public space and critical infrastructure to the threat of hostile use of drones. The issue of the level of preparedness of public space and critical infrastructure for a possible drone attack was also raised, as well as the existing capabilities in this area to identify and neutralise a drone that violates the integrity of the public space and critical infrastructure of the Republic of Poland.

TPCoE initiative reflects a comprehensive approach to terrorism, according to which effective countering of extremist threats is the result of integrated efforts of the bodies of the counter-terrorism system, scientific and research entities and security and defence structures.

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