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Training for Military Aviation Works No. 1 in Łódź

On 8 December 2022, a training course on anti-terrorist prevention was conducted for the personnel of Military Aviation Works No. 1PLC. The meeting was held in cooperation between this entity and the Provincial Office in Łódź.

The event included a series of presentations on threat typologies and best practices, as well as recommended behaviour in the event of a terrorist incident. On this occasion, 4U! the social campaign  conducted by TPCoE was presented. The issue of correct behaviour in a hostage situation was also raised, as well as how to inform dedicated services of the threat.

During the training, the statutory prerogatives of TPCoE to combat terrorism were also discussed and issues concerning the contemporary history of terrorism were raised, as well as information on current threats to the citizens of the Republic of Poland in the aspect of Poland's internal and external security, the 4U procedure - recommended ways of proceeding in the event of a terrorist attack - was presented.

The training is part of a campaign initiated by TPCoE to raise awareness also among employees of companies whose activities are relevant to the defence of the Republic of Poland.

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