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TPCoE training for MESKO SA

On the 6 of July 2022, TPCoE experts conducted a training course on anti-terrorist prevention and methods of acquiring information in the context of terrorist incidents for the staff of MESKO SA - a manufacturer of world-class products of the arms industry with nearly 100 years of production experience meeting the needs of state defence and security.

The training included a series of presentations on threat typologies and best practices, as well as recommended behaviour in the event of a terrorist incident. The Centre's officers familiarised the listeners with the 4U! social campaign conducted by TPCoE. They also discussed the issue of correct behaviour in a hostage situation.

The training also discussed issues concerning the role of information in the process of building an organisation's security policy in the context of terrorist threats, the methods used in the situation of attempts at unauthorised acquisition of information and the ways of elaborating on persons typified as the source of unintentional information leaks that may pose a threat to the organisation's security.  

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