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Anti-terrorism training for RARS

On April 4, 2022. TPCoE’s experts conducted training for the Government Strategic Reserve Agency. The above is part of the TPCoE's ongoing awareness-raising campaign among personnel of national government institutions, including those responsible for stockpiling essential emergency supplies.

The training raised the issue of current extremist-terrorist threats to the security of public space, of which the infrastructure of institutions storing reserves of vital importance to the functioning of the state is also a critical part. In this context, Center officials highlighted the use of anti-terrorism prevention procedures, particularly alert and crisis practices. The importance of efforts to build a stronger security culture was emphasized, and it was pointed out that a prerequisite for proper resilience of government facilities to threats is also consistent dissemination of knowledge among their operators and users about the nature of terrorism as a global phenomenon.

An important element of the training were also issues related to the role of information in the process of building security policy of the organization in the context of terrorist threats.

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