TPCoE’s training for NIK

As part of its mission to build a stronger security culture, on 15 and 19 November 2021, the TPCoE conducted a training in the field of terrorism prevention for the staff of the Supreme Audit Office.

Experts from TCPoE presented the current threat level from terrorism and extremism in Poland, and underlined the constant risk related to terrorism as a global phenomenon.

When discussing the recommended course of action during a terrorist event, the importance of anti-terrorist protection of public administration authorities such as NIK was stressed, which due to their open and public nature constitute the so-called soft targets, vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

An important part of the training were also issues related to the role of information in the process of building an organization's security policy in the context of terrorist threats.

The anti-terrorist training course conducted by TPCoE for the constitutional state audit body was part of its activities aimed at raising awareness to build a comprehensive approach to terrorism in the entire public administration (the whole of the public sector approach).

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