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ABW’s TP CoE training in the field of terrorism prevention

The ABW’s Terrorist Prevention Centre of Excellence conducts stationary and e-learning trainings in the field of terrorism prevention. The target group of stationary training are state services and institutions as well as entities related to the Critical Infrastructure (CI). The target group of e-learning trainings is constantly expanded to include selected state and private entities related to education, security, transport and energy.

Trainings conducted by ABW’s TP CoE include, among others the following topics:

  • Typology of terrorist threats in Poland and in the world
  • Reacting when a dangerous item is detected or found
  • Procedures in the event of receipt of a dangerous shipment that may contain explosives or CBRN agents
  • Recommended behaviors in the event of a terrorist attack (attack by a mass killer, attack with the use of explosives)
  • Recommended behaviors in the event of being in a hostage situation
  • Reacting during the combat intervention of a counter-terrorist group
  • Alerting, evacuating and securing facilities in the event of terrorist threats
  • Recognizing and counteracting the process of radicalization
  • The role of information and intelligence threats in the context of the activities of terrorist organizations
  • Basics of cybersecurity and strategic communication in counteracting terrorist threats

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