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Joint pyrotechnic exercises of CPT ABW and PKP

The Internal Security Agency (ABW’ TP CoE, the Office of Forensic Research of the Internal Security Agency and representatives of other units of the Agency) in cooperation with PKP Intercity, the State Fire Service and the Military Institute of Armament Technology, as well as with the participation of other uniformed services, conducted on August 16-17, 2021 pyrotechnic experiment in Krakow.

The aim of the event was, inter alia, identification of threats related to the use of improvised explosive devices (IED) by the perpetrators of terrorist attacks.

The exercises are part of the broader activity of ABW’s TP CoE, the aim of which is to increase the resilience of the critical infrastructure, including the railway infrastructure, to terrorist threats. During the two-day exercises at the Kraków Bieżanów parking station, a series of pyrotechnic experiments, demonstrations and simulations of various hazardous situations that may occur on board trains or in the railway area were carried out.

The aim of the cooperation between PKP Intercity and the ABW Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence is to increase the level of security of all travellers using the services of PKP Intercity and the company's employees. Stationary anti-terrorist prevention courses will also be conducted for the management and employees of PKP Intercity. Persons dealing with direct service of travellers will additionally receive access to the e-learning portal run by CPT ABW.

Training participants will learn the best practices in the field of preventing and counteracting possible terrorist incidents, as well as recommended behaviours in an emergency. The trainings will also contribute to promoting a safety culture by building anti-terrorist awareness among the personnel employed by the national carrier.

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