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ABW’s TP CoE training for SOP

On July 15, 2021, the Centre officers conducted training for the officers of the State Protection Service (SOP).

The training was an element of the cooperation established between ABW’s TP CoE and SOP in the field of shaping a stronger safety culture, which was also manifested in providing the partner national service with educational opportunities through the e-learning portal run by the Centre.

During the meeting, among others, principles of proper reaction to events of a terrorist nature, such as: an active shooter attack, a hostage situation or an attack with the use of explosives were presented. Issues related to the current level of vulnerability of Poland and critical infrastructure facilities to terrorist acts of violence were discussed. The threats resulting from the process of radicalization and attempts to obtain sensitive information by terrorists and terrorist organizations were also presented.

The meeting touched upon security-relevant issues related to information threats and dangerous contacts to which SOP officers responsible for protecting high-ranking government officials during their duties in the country and abroad may be exposed.

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