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ABW’s TP CoE opens an e-learning portal

The ABW’s Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence invites representatives of the Polish administration target group to an e-learning portal containing a course on terrorism prevention issues, available at:

  • The portal includes educational videos and an e-learning course on terrorism prevention, prepared on the basis of the expertise of ABW’s TP CoE officers and the exchange of information with partner secret services.
  • The aim of the website and the course is to raise the anti-terrorism awareness of officials and public administration officials in Poland.
  • Access to the course is possible after receiving the login and password. ABW’s TP CoE sends login data to offices and institutions from the target group.
  • The target group consists of: Ministry of Interior and Administration, Police, Border Guard, Prison Service, Office for Foreigners, Labour Office, State Fire Service, National Tax Administration, State Protection Service, Institute of National Remembrance, Government Centre for Security, Provincial Office.

E-learning course

  • The course consists of 5 modules:
  1. Radicalization
  2. Recommended behaviours in the event of a terrorist threat
  3. Rescue in hazardous conditions
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Strategic communication, security of facilities, alerting and evacuation
  • The training includes 7 movies and 40 animations.
  • The course includes interactive elements.
  • After completing the training and successfully passing the test, the User receives a Certificate - available in PDF format.


Portal co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund of the project "Increasing the competences of state security services, public administration employees and research and development centres and the development of their cooperation in the area of ​​national security" under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020.

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