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Establishing cooperation between TPCoE and Hybrid CoE

TPCoE in cooperation with the European Center of Excellence for Counteracting Hybrid Threats in Helsinki (Hybrid CoE) organized workshops under the project No. PL / 2018 / PR / 0061 "Better recognition of asymmetric threats - trends, points, support”.

Within the project on identifying the asymmetric threats in the context of terrorism officers of the Internal Security Agency took part in the second of four workshops given by European Centre of Excellence.

The workshop conducted by Hybrid CoE for ABW officers took place on November 24-25, 2020. The training will take place soon.

During the workshop, a group of 40 officers participated in a webinar, which was an opportunity to learn the role of Hybrid CoE in the area of European ​​security and defense, in particular in the protection of critical infrastructure against terrorist threats, and strengthening EU's economic and political resilience against hybrid attacks and hostile disinformation.


Project No. PL/2018/PR/0061 co-financed by the European Union from the funds of the National Program of the Internal Security Fund.


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