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Conference on counter-terrorism communication

The Council of Europe Committee on Counter-Terrorism (CDCT) organised a conference at the Council of Europe's headquarters from 31 January to 1 February 2023 entitled. 'Combating terrorist communications: terrorist propaganda, public provocation, recruitment and radicalisation'.

Terrorist actors use online platforms and technologies for recruitment, training, radicalisation, public provocation, propaganda or to plan, prepare and execute attacks. This phenomenon continues to evolve with the emergence of new platforms and services, allowing terrorists to find new and innovative ways to exploit the opportunities these technologies provide. Such platforms and actors often seek to reinforce ideologies and sentiments that normalise the views of violent extremists and may inspire or encourage others to carry out terrorist attacks.

The conference focused on ways to monitor and counter the activities of online and offline terrorist groups, in particular the efforts of terrorist groups to recruit and gain support among their target audiences, as well as to provide the means and know-how to carry out terrorist attacks.

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