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European fight against terrorism: one group and two individuals added to EU sanctions list

On 30 May 2022, the Council of the European Union decided to add one group and a further two individuals to the EU sanctions list targeting ISIL/Da'esh and al-Qaeda, as well as associated individuals, groups, undertakings and entities.

The Council added to the list the Hurras al-Din group (a Syrian group affiliated with al-Qaida), its leader Farouk al-Suri and its spiritual leader Sami al-Aridi.

Hurras al-Din operates on behalf of and under the auspices of al-Qaeda and is involved in planning external terrorist operations. The group trains its members in terrorism in operational camps. In addition, several European foreign terrorist fighters have also joined the ranks of Hurras al-Din.

Through propaganda activities, the group and these individuals have played an important role in promoting violent jihadist ideology and inciting terrorist activities in support of al-Qaeda. Hurras al-Din and the group's two leaders therefore pose a serious threat to the EU and to regional and international stability.

With these new measures, 10 individuals will be subject to a travel ban and an asset freeze and 3 groups to an asset freeze. In addition, EU persons and entities will not be able to provide funds or economic resources to persons and groups on the sanctions list.

The Council decision reaffirms the EU's determination to fight the terrorist threats posed by Al-Qaida, ISIL/Da'esh and all their regional affiliates. The EU remains committed to taking action against those who continue to threaten international peace and security by planning, financing and executing terrorist attacks and spreading deadly terrorist propaganda around the world.

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