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Awareness prevents terrorist attacks

On February 6-11, 2021, the Danish PET special service and the police detained 13 people (and one in Germany) on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks or providing assistance. The services' attention to the would-be terrorists was drawn by a trader in chemicals, from whom these persons ordered a large amount of goods.

The suspicious order caught the attention of the trader, who informed the services about an unusual situation in his opinion. On this basis, the Danish and German services verified the situation and arrested the people who were mainly linked by family ties. At present, it is not known in which country these materials were to be used in the attacks.

It should be noted that the anti-terrorism awareness presented by the trader resulted in the blocking of illegal activities at an early stage and most likely prevented much greater damage from being inflicted. This is in line with the principles presented in the TP CoE ABW social campaign entitled 4U! and the first rule of this campaign - Watch out! Pay attention to unnatural events and people's behaviour.

Watch out!
Never be indifferent.
Inform about the threat via emergency number 112.

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