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2022-01-28, 22:42

France introduces the highest alert level in the country

After another terrorist attack in France this year, in which a Tunisian killed three people in Nice, French authorities announced the highest level of emergency (29.10.2020). The increased preparedness of security authorities to respond to threats to public safety is supposed to prevent further acts of violence.

The introduction of the highest alert level with regard to the deteriorating security situation is an important preventive measure against a further escalation of threats to national security.

The aforementioned leads to increased vigilance of security structures and  justifies applying all necessary measures of protection against new terrorist attacks. The actions involve also the police, secret services and the army, as well as all public entities, enterprises and even citizens. Suspicious extremist environments are monitored more intensively, and places that are particularly vulnerable to danger are regularly patrolled (schools, churches). In order to ensure an adequate response to threats, the normal functioning of the country, including social and economic activity, may be limited to the necessary extent.


See more on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Joovj6AxF-I

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