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2nd anniversary of the Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence


Exactly 2 years ago - on April 1, 2018, the ABW’s Terrorist Prevention Centre of Excellence started its activity.

"Shaping a security culture by building CT-awareness in society" are the words of the mission that the Center has been following from the very beginning.

Last year was full of challenges and hard but satisfying work for us. Thanks to your support, suggestions and comments, at that time we were able to:

  • develop an innovative training program for officers and public administration officials in the field of terrorism prevention
  • implement the nationwide 4U! Social campaign, which met with positive reception from the Internet users, and reached almost 600,000 views on YouTube alone
  • introduce "Recommendations of the Head of the Internal Security Agency in the field of counter-terrorism prevention in buildings of public administration"
  • establish cooperation with the Prison Service and the Main School of Fire Service
  • organize 11 international delegations, during which cooperation with institutions responsible for security and combating terrorism was established
  • conduct 44 trainings in the field of terrorist prevention, which included almost 2,200 people (in total over 3,600 people were trained within 2 years)
  • conduct a number of meetings, including with representatives of the national state administration, experts in the field of terrorism and officers of the service
  • establish cooperation with the University of Wrocław - as part of participation in the SAFE PLACE CT- Security Congress
  • establish cooperation with the Warsaw Metro in the field of raising passenger awareness by broadcasting a 4U! social campaign promotional spot

We would like to thank to all offices, services, institutions, research centers and private entities, as well as all other persons who supported us and cooperated with the Center.

Without your help, we would not be able to implement so many projects that contribute to raising the level of anti-terrorist security in the country.

We appreciate your contribution to the development of the Center and thank you for your commitment to jointly building the security of Poland and its citizens.

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