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TPCoE participates in PREVENT PCP project

On 15-16 December 2022, a representative of TPCoE participated in the User Observatory Group (UOG) meeting of the PREVENT PCP project in Paris.

The aim of PREVENT PCP project is to increase security in public transport and nearby public areas. The task will be implemented through the procurement of innovative technological solutions for the rapid and automatic detection of potentially dangerous items left unattended, the identification and tracking of perpetrators and the creation of an advanced crisis management system. The main objective is to stimulate technological innovation and target the development work to the expectations and needs of future software purchasers.

On 15 December, phase 1 of the project began - finalising a package of tender documents. In addition, invited guests from the UOG - the consortium's advisory body - were given a tour of the Paris Metro network. On 16 December, the participants discussed topics related to the future work of the project.

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