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Completion of the drone extremist exercise

On 27 October this year. Internal Security Agency, in cooperation with other special services and military partners, organised an exercise on the Lubliniec training ground on the malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Coordinated by TPCoE, the event saw essential participation and implementation support from representatives of the Bureau of Forensic Research, Department V of Internal Security Agency, as well as experts from Military Institute of Armament Technology, Military Intelligence Service and the Military Commandos Unit.

The aim was to assess the vulnerability of public space and critical infrastructure to bsp attacks, and to increase the resilience of the state and its institutions to related threats.

At the same time, an important aspect of the activities in Lubliniec was to confirm the usefulness of the conducted experiments and the knowledge obtained on this occasion in the context of hybrid actions and diversion-sabotage undertakings, which hostile state (special services) and non-state (terrorist organisations) entities may carry out to the detriment of the security and defence potential of the Republic of Poland.

The exercises were a continuation of a series of earlier activities undertaken by Internal Security Agency since 2021 to counter threats related to extremist use of improvised explosive devices and CBRN substances, the earlier stage of which was carried out in July and September this year at the WITU training ground in Zielonka.

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