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Presentation by TPCoE to CEPOL course participants

On 06.10.2022, an expert from TPCoE gave a presentation on international cooperation in the context of preventing so-called active shooter attacks to an international group of participants of the CEPOL course 'Violent attacks against public - amok shootings', organised by the Police Training Centre in Legionowo.

The Centre's representative talked, among other things, about the bilateral and multilateral activities of TPCoE in the international arena, especially in the context of preventing and countering terrorist incidents (including attacks by 'mass killers'). He talked about the role and importance of information exchange with foreign partners also in the context of the creation of training and educational materials, which, when directed to appropriate audiences, affect the state's resilience to such attacks. The activities of TPCoE on domestic grounds, which are intended to contribute to the prevention of terrorist attacks, were also discussed. These include training on how to recognise and counter radicalisation leading to terrorism, training on how to respond appropriately to situations of a terrorist nature, the publication of a "Terrorist Prevention Handbook" and other materials and guides, and information activities - such as the "4U!" social campaign.

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