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TPCoE’s training PGE Group

In March 2022, experts from TCPoE conducted training in the field of terrorist prevention for employees of PGE (The PGE Capital Group) - the largest energy group in Poland. The scope of tasks dedicated to this institution determines the necessity of cooperation of Internal Security Agency and PGE organizational units, placing the said institution among the strategic entities in the territory of the Republic of Poland, from the point of view of counteracting terrorist threats.

During the training, the issues of the current level of Poland's exposure to extremist and terrorist threats were discussed, and attention was drawn to the constant risk related to terrorism as a global phenomenon. While discussing the recommended behaviors during the course of a terrorist event, the importance of anti-terrorist protection of public administration facilities was emphasized. Attention Attention was also paid to to the threats and issues arising from attempts by terrorist organizations to acquire sensitive information, and participants were familiarized with the mechanisms for protecting it and preventing its disclosure to undesirable persons.

The training for PGE employees was yet another initiative of the TCPoE aimed at raising anti-terrorist awareness among representatives of Polish public administration, in particular among employees of state-owned companies of strategic importance from the point of view of internal security of Poland. In view of the common goals and the need to mutually expand the knowledge of the subject scopes assigned to TCPoE and PGE, training cooperation between the institutions will be continued.

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