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TPCoE’s participation in the inauguration of the new ABW magazine

On April 26, 2022, Internal Security Agency at its Central Training and Education Center will celebrate the inauguration of the first issue of the new magazine "Terrorism - Studies, Analyzes, Prevention"

The journal is devoted to interdisciplinary issues related to anti-terrorist protection and resilience-building  to terrorist threats. CPT ABW also took part in the creation of the first edition of the semi-annual, which deals with the issues of terrorist prevention.

The journal is a platform for the exchange of scientific ideas and experiences, integrating the academic world and representatives of institutions and services that cooperate with each other within the Interministerial Team for Terrorist Threats at the Ministry of Interior and Administration, which is the coordination center of the anti-terrorist system of the Republic of Poland.

The authors of the articles are officers of the Internal Security Agency and other Polish services, academics from universities, scientific institutions and research centers, as well as specialists in areas related to the protection of national security.

The printed version of the new magazine will be published in April this year and will be delivered free of charge to state administration bodies, selected libraries and training centers of state institutions and international organizations, as well as universities that provide education in the fields of security.

The journal is also available on the Portal of Scientific Journals of the Jagiellonian University at:

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