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TP CoE ABW supports the efforts of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU on the prevention of radicalisation in Europe

On 24-25 February 2022, during a conference entitled "Review and Perspectives of the Prevention of Radicalisation in Europe" in Paris, European Commission officials together with representatives of EU Member State institutions and academia analysed the phenomenon of radicalisation and methods to counter it. On the following day, thematic workshops were held on a new initiative bringing together EU practitioners and academics on the prevention of radicalisation.

During the conference, speakers drew attention to the need to continue and improve European cooperation in preventing radicalisation, in a situation of a real threat from extremists. The experts discussed the need to improve the tools of cooperation in order to achieve the intended objectives, as well as to draw attention to the strategic challenges, both internal and external to the European Union, in the field of prevention of radicalisation.

On the second day of the meeting, during a workshop on the new information exchange system in the field of prevention of radicalisation, the participants discussed its assumptions, resulting from the work carried out in the previous years, and discussed action plans in the framework of preparing this initiative for entry into force in the future.

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