Antiterrorist training for National Security Bureau (BBN)

On 13-14 December 2021, the prevent unit of the Internal Security Agency (TPCoE) conducted training on terrorist prevention for employees of the National Security Bureau.

Experts from TPCoE discussed the typology of terrorist threats in the Republic of Poland and presented the recommended forms of action in the event of various types of terrorist incidents.

During the event focus was placed on methods of obtaining information by potential perpetrators of terrorist attacks as well as on methods of neutralizing such threats. Issues related to radicalization, insider-threats posed within the organization were also covered. In this context attention of the audience was paid to the technical security of facilities in the event of terrorist events.

The cooperation between TCPoE and the National Security Bureau, which plays an important role in the state security system, is an essential part of the TPCoE’ mission, that is instrumental in raising CT-awareness among public administration officers and employees, as well as employees of state-owned companies, non-governmental organizations and private entities. Its goal is to build a stronger security culture and resilience against various types of terrorist threats.

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