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CT- Training for the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization (POHiD)

On October 28, 2021, TPCoE conducted training for the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization. The aforementioned is part of an educational campaign initiated by CPT to raise awareness also among national NGOs of employers from the trading sector.

The training covered  issues of current extremist and terrorist threats to the security of Poland, including public spaces, whose critical part are the shopping malls, which are operated by the members of POHID. In this context, the experts from the Centre pointed to the significance of anti-terrorist procedures, in particular alarm and emergency protocols. The importance of activities aimed at building a stronger security culture against threats was emphasized and it was underscored that the necessary prerequisite  for the commercial space to be secure is also the dissemination of relevant information among its users and operators about the changing nature of terrorism as a global phenomenon. An important part of the training were also issues related to the role of information in the process of building an organization's security policy in the context of terrorist threats.

While discussing the recommended course of action during a terrorist event, including attack of perpetrators using firearms or improvised explosives, attention was also paid to the importance of cooperation between the security authorities and non-governmental organizations to shape trading environment in Poland, which should sufficiently address terrorist threats.

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