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TPCoE participated in the ICAO International Safety Culture seminar

On June 30 - July 1, 2021, representatives of the ABW’s Terrorist Prevention Centre of Excellence through the Polish Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) took part in a virtual seminar organized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), devoted to the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices in the field of civil aviation safety.

ICAO, as a specialized UN organization dealing with the development and implementation of international regulations governing the safety of global air navigation, organized a two-day event attended by approximately 165 representatives from 54 countries. The seminar was devoted, among others, to ways to promote the initiative - Year Of Security Culture - ICAO guidelines for disseminating Security Culture and raising awareness, among others in the field of terrorist prevention of personnel employed in civil aviation.

It was another undertaking carried out by ABW’s TP CoE after tightening relations with the Civil Aviation Authority and after the international meeting of the European Civil Aviation Conference devoted to internal threats in aviation entities. The year devoted to the culture of security promoted by ICAO is part of the main mission of the ABW’s Centre aimed at increasing security by building a strong society, aware of potential terrorist threats.



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