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12 thousand users of the ABW TP CoE’s e-learning portal

One month after the launch of the e-learning portal by ABW’s TP CoE, more than 12,000 user accounts have been created.

The e-learning portal ( is used by service officers and public administration officials. It is a convenient tool for transferring knowledge in the field of terrorist prevention - especially in pandemic conditions.

ABW’s TP CoE invites institutions from the target group * to report their needs for e-learning trainings by persons designated to contact the Centre.

More information about the e-learning portal and how to access the course can be found at:,CPT-ABW-otkieta-portal-e-learningowy.html


* The target group includes: Ministry of Interior and Administration, Police, Border Guard, Prison Service, Office for Foreigners, Labour Office, State Fire Service, National Tax Administration, State Protection Service, Institute of National Remembrance, Government Security Centre, Provincial Offices.

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