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TP CoE 3rd birthday

In April, three years have passed since the establishment of the ABW’s Terrorism Prevention Centre. During this period, we started and implemented projects, incl. in the field of training. We developed a programme and trained over 6,000 officials and officers in the field of terrorism prevention, of which over 2,000 under the PO WER project. 4,000 people were trained by the TP CoE officers at the invitation of state institutions. We also carried out a nationwide 4U! campaign and many other tasks, about which we informed through, inter alia, our website.

In the last year marked by the pandemic, we managed to:

  • Carry out 17 two-day stationary trainings for officials and officers under the EU project OP KED.
  • Adapt the training programme to the on-line formula and conduct 43 two-day training courses under the OP KED project via the Internet.
  • Train a total of 2,171 officials and officers online in the field of terrorism prevention.
  • As part of statutory activities, train over 400 representatives of services and institutions in the country.
  • Establish cooperation with Hybrid CoE, NATO StratCom, EDA and INTCEN and organize 4 workshops and 4 training courses for Internal Security Agency officers on asymmetric and hybrid threats. 172 ABW officers were trained in the project.
  • Organize an international conference on raising awareness and the importance of terrorism prevention entitled Protect by Training. The importance of awareness in terrorism prevention, which broadened our perception of the role of the media in this field.
  • Conduct a series of on-line consultations with domestic and foreign experts and officers in the field of terrorism in order to monitor trends related to terrorism prevention at home and abroad.

The summary of the implementation of the EU PO WER project by TP CoE ABW was the preparation of an e-learning portal for officers and officials of the state administration. Its launch will coincide with the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of the TP CoE ABW and will constitute a continuation of the trainings conducted by the Centre in the field of terrorism prevention for the state administration, fitting into the current pandemic realities and enabling the use of knowledge and good practices by a significantly larger number of people.

The aforementioned e-learning portal will be enriched with multimedia materials, also in the form of films, which continue the trend initiated by the 4U! social campaign.

We invite you to participate in our training projects and other programmes that we will implement with you in the near future. We also encourage you to follow our website, where there will be more information related to the activities of the Centre.

We would also like to thank the services, institutions, foreign partners, research centers and private entities, as well as all other people who supported and cooperated with the Centre last year.

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