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Shaping the security culture by building CT awareness in society

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The exploitation of the increased illegal migration movement by extremist organizations to the transfer of terrorists in Europe has revealed a gap in the European Union security architecture.

The attacks that have affected Europe in recent years indicate that the challenges associated with terrorism require going beyond the existing methods of recognizing and combating this phenomenon.

Terrorism remains one of the most important global challenges that Poland must presently face. The necessity to verify the traditional approach to terrorist threats has become an impulse to create the TPCoE of the Internal Security Agency.

Practice confirms that the most effective method of counteracting extremist and terrorist threats is early response to the first symptoms of radicalization in society. The above can be provided only by a properly designed and efficiently functioning system of measures of preventive impact on individuals and groups that are vulnerable to extremist ideologies.

Shaping the security culture by building CT awareness in society

The TPCoE specializes in terrorist prevention in a broad sense, the key element of which is the dissemination of knowledge about the possibilities of preventing unfavourable - from a safety point of view - events. In this regard, the Centre organizes tailored training for officers and employees of special services, as well as public administration bodies and other entities.

In our activity, we aim to create a centre gathering the available knowledge and experience of special services, public institutions, as well as the research of universities and scientific institutions.

The Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence is an initiative going beyond the national framework, supported by strategic partners in the area of ​​terrorism prevention and other asymmetrical threats. However, taking effective action at international and national level should not be limited to the activities of the special services responsible for ensuring security. That is why TPCoE strives to create a broader prevention mechanism based on the cooperation of all public administration entities and citizens in the process of shaping the security culture in Poland.

The establishment of the Centre is an unprecedented initiative from the international perspective that expresses the strategic planning process of international relations of Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries. Establishment and development of the TPCoE  in the above context is an important step towards institutionalization and facilitation of the cooperation between countries that form the Three Seas Initiative.

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